Are you a small business owners that feels overwhelmed?

Ditch the tech stack.

Get your tech in a row.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel guilty about all the follow-ups you mean to do but never get around to.
  • You are disappointed by the content you want to create but never get around to.
  • You have data about your clients but it’s disjointed and hard to piece together in meaningful ways.
  • What feels like it should be simple always feels like it takes forever.
  • Your passionate about the service you provide your customers but just plain sick of the messy backend of your business.

Have you tried new tech tools thinking they will finally be the thing that makes your business easier to manage?

Those new tools may be adding to your mess and stress!

The problem is “stacking” more tools just adds complexity to your business. The secret is having a clear strategy about how your tools are working together. Having data that lives in all these different tools just ends up being a big data mess! 

And that’s why you should abandon the idea of tech stack. You want strong tech rows!

Hi there, I'm Alisha

I’m a quick, creative thinker. My superpowers are automating and organizing. 

Ready for your business to finally feel easier to manage? I can help you with that!

It's time to get your tech in a row.

Book a 1:1 Zoom Session with Alisha. 

We won’t just add more automations, tools, spreadsheets etc. 

We will focus on how the parts work together.