I love being the tactician

My husband Kevin has always been the visionary

I’ve always been the tactician

(He has the dreams. I have the organizational skills.)

I was a high school Spanish teacher for 12 years. I left teaching in 2015 to help Kevin run Armed2Defend. Armed2Defend was 4 years old at the time. The rapid growth left things messy in its tracks. And there was alot of manual work. 


I thought I was going to use my organizational skills to organize the business. I had no idea that I would discover the power of automation

Learning how to “hire robots” to do many of the tasks he was doing manually was just the start. But once we were rolling, we kept finding new things we wouldn’t have thought to do before but could easily “hire robots” to do.

I fell in love with creating automated solutions.

You know how you see Tetris pieces falling in your head all day after playing Tetris? That is what started happening to me with automations!

I was spending my days building out workflows and automations for Armed2Defend. I would see new possibilities and connections all day every day. I was playing “Tech Tetris” in my head. I was addicted to this new game.

I have always loved playing logic and puzzle games. Instead of wasting time playing games on my phone, I was getting the same enjoyment creating automated solutions for my business.

Our new systems were running so well for Armed2Defend that I didn’t have many “problems” that needed solved. 

Instead of going back to wasting hours playing puzzle games on my phone, I started getting my puzzle solving fix by helping other companies “Tetris their tech”

Problem Solver

My childhood days playing endless hands of Rummy with grandma and playing Tetris on my Gameboy turned me into a quick and clever problem solver.

Language Enthusiast

Building automations means communicating to robots what you need done. My years of studying language and linguistics prepared me to speak "robot."

Natural Teacher

My years of teaching have made me great at explaining things to clients in easy to understand ways.

Business Owner

The experience of running a local service based businesses with my husband helps me relate to the desires and struggles of other small business owners.

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