Ways I Can Help

ActiveCampaign General Strategy & Documentation

ActiveCampaign can take your business to the next level if you leverage it's power. How are you using your lists? How are you segmenting your contacts? What kind of engagement tracking do you have in place? What custom fields do you have in place? Unfortunately, I encounter a lot of business owners whose accounts are just a hodge podge with no clear strategy. I can help you untangle the mess and then define and document a smart strategy.

Build a Smart Funnel for Your Launch

Need help creating the automations, emails and tracking for your launch? Not all automations are equal. We can talk about the options you have. We can track your customers and use conditional logical to create a data-filled funnel. Or we can keep it simple.

Automate Bookings & Customer Journey

We can build an entire automated workflow that not only lets customers easily book with you, but also nurtures them with the right messages and reminders leading up to their appointment. They will feel the personal touch without you doing any extra work. And why stop there? We can automate the things you do during and after the appointment.

Airtable Set Up & Strategy

It's hard to understand why you need to put your data in Airtable until you experience it. If you are using spreadsheets for anything in your business, you should look into moving them into Airtable databases. Once you unleash a little bit of Airtable power, it seems to just spiral and continue to get more and more powerful. The magical key is "relational data." Once you set up structure in Airtable, it is game changing. And often, once a little bit of structure is in place, you start to see all the other things you never even thought about that you can now do with your data.

Create Meaningful Dashboards

There is a saying that "what gets measured, improves." It's true. Are you measuring the important metrics in your business? I can help you create powerful dashboards that make it easy to take the pulse of your business. These dashboards not only provide you with essential data at your fingertips, they can also save you time.

General Tool Integration

Want to assess your tech tools and how they are working together? I treat the tech tools I use in my business as employees. I define their job description the same I would for an employee. Having the least amount of tools involved simplifies your business and saves money. But if you are clear about their purpose and how to maximize their power, they can help you scale.

Your business doesn't fit into a cookie cutter.

I’ll help you create custom made solutions!